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About good design practice

Six years ago, when I first discovered the evilpupil's site..I was breathless. I was speechless. I was out of this world for 1 hour, discovering a cryptic destination, the place where your 5 senses become 6. I just wish I could read the text of the old site now, when when it's no more. I post some of the people's opinions : "he inspires my life and i think i'm a totally different person after finding out about evilpupil.com i cant wait for new stuf f. gallons of void is good too you should all buy it and support revereand yohan and i still cant find the real ending in ver. 4 . damnit" "Entering the site requires you to figure out some short interface puzzles, but thankfully, it explains itself just enough to hook you in. But, even when you think you've figured it out, you've probably only gotten into a couple of several possible modules. If you get them all right away, cool. If you don't, head to the back of the class for more punishment, "dumbass" ... i see that some time ago, its very good.. Its also very obviosly ripping a style done by one of my fave designers over at
www.evilpupil.com i think it was V4 that looked like it, and had stuff with codes and figuring stuff out. anyway it came out before the donniedarko site." Here's what Yohan had to say when we asked him to tell us a little about his first solo electronic/ambient album. "Personally, I would say that 'Gallons of Void' is the soundtrack of a film that hasn't been made yet. Most of the songs, even though they are instrumental, have a story behind it. Sometimes it's dark, sometimes it's sad. From the mosquito that is sucking your blood and viciously mocking you behind your back, to the painful sound of a stomach burns attack. Every single moment, every single thought you and I can have has its own music. its own melody. That's why I love instrumental music. Mainly because I feel like it gives more freedom to the listeners. the freedom toput together their own personal film."I've used a lot of samples of instruments that I wish I knew how to play in the album. Like cello and violin. I always loved strings and taking cello lessons is something I'm going do in the near future. Hopefully one day I'll have the opportunity to produce my own strings recordings. But for the moment I compose everything on my acoustic guitar first and then orchestrate it with the help of a new special machine called "a computer". Inspiration for G.o.V. came from many different musicians, composer and bands I've been listening to since I'm a kid. Angelo Badalamenti, Ennio Morricone, Sonic Youth ('confusion is sex' album) just to name a few." " The result is very eclectic, definitely an album I suggest listening to with good headphones and some void around you. One of the songs is going to end up as a music video sooner or later. I already have ideas."

Instead of evilpupil.com, U got some similar experimental flash sites here: www.xmarks.com/site/www.evilpupil.com

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